The Insides


The Insides of a Toner Cartridges.


1.TONER / WASTE HOPPER The small plastic containers built to hold the toner used in printing on paper and the second casing which houses the toner that is in excess or waste toner. 2.SEAL A removable plastic or nylon strip used for sealing the toner hopper, for reasons of preventing spillage and keeping the toner fresh at staples humidity level. 3.DOCTOR BLADE A plastic or metal blade used to create a even layer of toner on the magnetic or rubber roller from the toner hopper. 4.MAGNETIC / RUBBER ROLLER This roller which transfers toner to the drum or OPC is either made of rubber, or magnetic metal roller. 5.WASTE HOPPER Collects the extra toner wiped from the OPC drum because it has been charged and can no longer be used and gets transferred in the waste hopper. 6.WIPER BLADE This blade acts just as a wiper would on the windshield of a car, it stays in constant contact with drum and wipes away any residual toner applied to the page and then transfer the extra toner into the waste hopper 7.PCR This rubber roller charges the drum OPC prior to laser-writing the image to the sheet of paper. By applying a uniform negative charge across the roller, the PCR also discharges charge and helps erase the image on the drum unit, as it cycles to prepare for the next image. 8.DRUM / OPC The aluminum drum is a cylinder coated with a thin layer of film, easily the most delicate part of the cartridge. The quality of the surface of the drum /OPC is the most reliable way of ensuring the overall quality of the cartridge. Installing new drums after every cycle is almost a 100 % need to insure a quality print from your toner cartridge. Drums should never be left out in any light , specifically UV light, to will affect the print out . 9.DRUM SHUTTER This plastic lid which covers the drum /OPC in most cartridges is a very important protector. It protects the drum /OPC from contact and exposure to UV light while the cartridge is not resting in the printer bay. Not all cartridges with drums /OPC are designed with drum shutters.